who we are

The Medicine Hat and District Food Bank Association believes that hunger exists in the community and that the community has a responsibility to address this food insecurity in a manner ensuring the availability, accessibility and adequacy of food.


We believe in

  • protection of confidentiality

  • dealing with people on an individual basis

  • loyalty

  • caring and commitment to those we serve

  • constant pursuit of excellence

  • trust, respect and understanding 

  • open and honest communication

  • creating a healthy community

  • respect for the rights and responsibilities of individuals

  • treating all individuals in a fair and equitable manner

  • integrity

  • accountability to those we serve

  • treating everyone with compassion, dignity and understanding


All people seeking our help deserve the highest quality foods that are possible for us to provide. We have found that the best way to meet hunger needs is in collaboration with others who share our common purpose. That is why we have collaborated with numerous other agencies and organizations in our community to achieve this.

We are working towards every door being the right door for individuals living in poverty and we have started the process of providing services to our client’s right inside the food bank. We have many programs that we run through our organization and access to help you find many others. See more about Programs.


As a collective, our volunteers believe and display to our clients that when action meets compassion lives change. We are so proud of all of our volunteers that give of their time. They are the true heroes in our organization.

We believe in treating all people with compassion and dignity and through that we hope to reach people and help them to create meaningful change in their lives which will reflect on our community.

Mission Statement

The Medicine Hat & District Food Bank works collaboratively in the community of Medicine Hat and Surrounding area to ensure an adequate and accessible food support system is available to individuals and families in need. This is achieved through support in:

  • Emergency Crisis: Providing food to individuals and families in a life crisis or in need of temporary assistance

  • Security: Offering innovative food support programs to clients that are focused on skill development, coaching and mentorship to help empower positive change/ improvement in their lives  

  • Sustainability: Innovative programming and leadership to proactively address hunger and food needs in the community


Vision Statement

The Medicine Hat & District Food Bank is the trusted source in the community of Medicine Hat and surrounding area for food related resources, innovative programs and collaborative approaches to food security and stability

A young girl is shopping with her mother for groceries. She is full of smiles.