The Brown Bag Lunch Program has been feeding children nutritious lunches in our community for 9 years.  What started as an idea, has blossomed into an incredible program that has made sure that tens of thousands of children over the years haven't had to worry about being hungry in class.

The Brown Bag Lunch program is prepared daily by volunteers. The children receive either a pea butter and jam or meat sandwich, bag of vegetables, bag of fruit, a granola bar and a yogurt. On average we are feeding 7-900 children per day over three school districts.

This program Is community funded, and it is also supported by all three school districts and Breakfast Clubs of Canada. We are also grateful to our partners at CHAT who host a yearly fundraiser at Rossco's Pub in support of this program.

*Currently due to COVID-19 this program is running a bit differently. We are purchasing the food for the schools and having it delivered to them. They are preparing the lunches on site for the children. Because of our new facility we are going to be starting to make lunches again in September of 2022.