Brown Bag Lunch

We are now in a new world and the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank recognizes that having children home can cause an extra strain on your finances. We also recognize that many children who previously accessed the Brown Bag Lunch Program at school did not necessarily have their families accessing the Food Bank. With this in mind and in collaboration with Medicine Hat School Public School Division, The Catholic Board of Education, Prairie Rose School Division and The Province of Alberta we are launching a Brown Bag Lunch Program that you can take home once a week! 


You can access the program by filling out the form below. The weekly Brown Bag Lunch packages will be available to all children in your family over the age of six from any of the school districts and will include healthy and easy options for your child’s lunches. 


Each Brown Bag Lunch package will also include some printed recipes and a link that will take you to a you tube video with cooking instructions and ideas for what to do with your lunch package when you receive it. 

If you already access the Food Bank regularly the Brown Bag Lunch packages will automatically be included in your Food Bank hamper. We just ask that when arranging your pickup or delivery you let us know how many children will qualify in your household.

If you do not require access to the Food Bank but would like to still receive the Brown Bag Lunch package for you child please fill out the form below.

Sign up for your child's brown bag lunch


When booking please keep in mind that the preferred method of obtaining your child's brown bag lunch will be by pickup in our drive thru service due to COVID-19.

Pickups at the Food Bank will be between Noon and 1pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  

Deliveries will be between and 10am and Noon on Tuesdays or Thursdays and are handled by volunteers. As our volunteer drivers are very busy with delivering hampers due to COVID-19 the pickup method is preferred but if you are unable please book this.

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Brown Bag Lunch 2.0

Parent Information

The Medicine Hat and District Food Bank is excited to share with you our plan to ensure children in our community are fed. In light of Covid-19 we had to do some "out of the box" thinking and
evaluate our program to meet the needs of schools, students and our organization.

At the end of the school year and through the summer we have been providing at home "super packs" to our families. We have been offering a drive-thru weekly pick up or home delivery if absolutely necessary when transportation is a challenge. We also have our own YouTube channel where children can go and learn how to use the food from the box to make easy, nutritious meals on their own at home.

We are excited to take this program into the new school year. We will continue to send food home to children directly so that they have food to take to school each day. We also have our own
YouTube channel (under Medicine Hat & District Food Bank) where we are posting videos weekly on how to make healthy meals for children. We will also post them on our Facebook page as well.

Sign up will be the same as previously. If you are not already signed up just fill out the form above.

School Information

We will continue with our at home "super pack" program into the fall. This program gives families access to a weekly hamper full of items needed to make lunch each day.

Sign up will be the same as this past summer. If the child is not already signed up parents just need to fill out the form above.

This has been a very successful program feeding children over the summer and we are excited to be able to continue it through the school year. We also have our own YouTube channel (under Medicine Hat and District Food Bank) where we are posting videos weekly on how to make healthy meals for children. As well, we will be posting them to our Facebook page.

We are also providing "Nutrition start up packs" To every school in all three districts. These will be delivered before the first day of school. Our goal is to give schools food on hand in case it is needed. This will be an ongoing partnership between all schools and the Food Bank. For ongoing access to the program a form will need to be completed and sent into us on the Thursday prior to each week it is required. This form is available by contacting us. As we have done in the past one person from each school will send in a request to us at any questions please call Melissa at 403-528-4313 ext 7.

Thank you for your dedication to our children, we are so happy to partner with you all.

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