Where we're going

The Medicine Hat Food Bank has been operating for 25 years with the hard work and grace of volunteers, staff, and donors. In addition to providing emergency food, they have implemented a number of programs in the effort to keep Hatter's fed.

  • 10% of our community uses the food bank on a monthly basis

  • on average 55,000 pounds of food goes to families in need every month

  • 500-700 children access the Brown Bag Lunch Program in our community

  • an additional 400-500 children and their families access the food bank every month

  • 52% of the Medicine Hat Food Bank's members are considered chronic users


Food Banks came into existence during the economic recession of the 1980's. They were designed to be a temporary relief and meet the urgent needs of workers and families who were affected by the crisis. Food Banks Canada originally thought that their work would be completed by 1992, but 25 years later Food Banks are feeding more hungry people than ever before. Clearly, the Food Bank system does nothing to end the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. We've been relying on an ineffective system for too long.


Community Food Centre - Good Food. Great People.

What is a Community Food Centre?

A Community Food Centre is an inclusive space that uses food as an opportunity to bring people together and build a thriving community. Its offerings are multifaceted and can range from educational classes to social enterprise vendors. Most importantly, Community Food Centers are the next step in the evolutions of strong and sustainable cities.

Food Security, and supporting the creation of a Community Food Centre, is one of the key priorities in the recent Thrive Medicine Hat & Region Strategy to End Poverty and Increase Wellbeing. This plan was created by the Poverty Reduction Leadership Group, which is comprised of active individuals and organizations working collectively to end poverty in Medicine Hat by 2030.


The future Community Food Centre in Medicine Hat will be a physical building that makes all community members feel welcome. Similar to a Community Hall or Recreation Centre, it will serve as a neighborhood hot spot that is open to the public and provides various programs and activities for all ages.


  • cafe/social hub

  • farmers market

  • nutrition education

  • children's programming

  • food security programs

  • urban agriculture facilities

  • outdoor gathering spaces

  • social enterprise opportunities

  • class room spaces for culinary programs

Our Community Food Centre will be an energetic hive of communal wellbeing. It's an opportunity to strengthen our community and improve the lives of our citizens through teaching traditional food skills, sharing a common interest and bonding over a good meal. Just like the kitchen is the heart of the home, the Community Food Centre will be the heart of Medicine Hat.

A person is planting a seedling in the garden with tenderness and great care.