Emergency Food Pantry

The Emergency Food Pantry allows an opportunity for the community to access food during emergencies. Families and individuals can access our many programs that target their immediate food needs. When a new member comes to the Root Cellar, we provide them with food by giving them a “1-2-Go” which is enough food for a few days until an appointment is scheduled.

Food First Culinary Experience

This community kitchen program not only addresses poverty with innovation and long-term solutions, but teaches families the skills needed to prepare healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. We work directly with the families to solve food sustainability and provide the opportunity for them to learn a variety of cooking skills.

Brown Bag Lunch

The Root Cellar serves 500-700 nutritional lunches to hungry children within 32 schools in Medicine Hat and surrounding area every school day. In the lunches, each child will receive: the choice of a meat and cheese sandwich or pea butter sandwich, a serving of fruit, vegetable, and a diary product, as well as a snack item.

Community Gardens

This community initiative creates an opportunity for families to learn about: where food comes from and how to garden, all while enjoying the peacefulness and sanctity of the garden. All children that attend the Food Bank with their parents go out and pick fresh fruits and vegetables. This 24 hour a day community garden is accessible to all members of the community and is one of our four community gardens.

Healthy Bundles

This program is partially supported by United Way and allows expecting moms to access the Root Cellar on a more regular basis for extra milk, eggs and protein. As well the moms will also receive access to weekly programming  to help them enhance their life skills in a community setting. After the baby is born, moms can continue to access our services more often until the baby is 1 year, also receiving diapers and formula as needed.


We are currently partnering with numerous community organizations to help them run their programs. Together we are working towards changing the way that we address poverty and hunger within our communities.

  • Addiction & Mental Health

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Bridges Community Kitchen

  • Burdett School

  • Champion Center

  • Community Housing

  • Community Kitchens

  • CORE Association

  • Crestwood Brethren Mennonite Church

  • College Go Girls

  • Dream Centre

  • Flats Community Kitchen

  • Furry Friends

  • HIV Outreach

  • Hope Street Church


  • Medicine Hat College

  • Medicine Hat Care Centre

  • Medicine Hat High School

  • Medicine Hat Library

  • Medicine Hat Regional Hospital

  • Mussasa House

  • Notre Dame School

  • Ralston School

  • Redcliff Library

  • Redcliff Youth Centre

  • REDI Enterprises

  • Saamis Outreach

  • Santa Claus Fund

  • Salvation Army

  • Silver Sage

  • St Louis School

  • Teen Mom Centre

  • Women's Shelter Community Kitchen

Cooking Class